Water Taxi Debut

As TBX and Go Hillsborough dominate headlines and polarize residents–while an unacceptable transit status quo continues–something positive on the transportation front is actually happening.

Troy Manthey–of Yacht Starship Dining Cruises fame–will soon expand into the water taxi business. As in regularly scheduled, daily service–with stops along the Riverwalk, in the Channel District and on Davis Islands. Starting next week.

It’s a reminder that Manthey is responding to a marketplace, one that has been evolving into viability. With Tampa’s increasing visitor base and commuting Vinikville doctors part of downtown’s new-urbanism future, Manthey sees an opportunity. One that doesn’t require a tax, and one, mercifully, that doesn’t involve non-Tampa, county voters.

Scott “Epitomizes” MLK Values And Vision

By its nature, MLK Day lends itself to soaring rhetoric. Almost anything goes. Almost.

However, what won’t fly–much less soar–were the MLK Day-themed comments of Florida Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll. They had that quizzical “did she say what I think she said?” quality.

“I can’t think of anybody currently in my life right now that more epitomizes the values and the vision of Dr. King than Gov. Rick Scott” is what she said. Honest. Who knew that MLK had a parallel-universe dream of an America that would one day welcome attractive house negroes running for high office to balance a ticket topped by an election-buying right winger?

Perhaps “Birth of a Nation” is her favorite movie too.