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The Class Of 70: “To ‘Ster With Love”

It was the class of 70. No, not 1970. The eighth grade class of St. Timothy’s Catholic School in Philadelphia that had 70 students. One class, one teacher. No complaints. Well, no complaints about class size anyway. It’s all we knew. No standees. Everybody had their own student desk. Seventy students with one lone St. [...]

Brent Blunt On S&W Board

The official general election ballot in Hillsborough County is topped by the (all too) familiar names of high-profile, big-budget, gubernatorial mud slingers Rick Scott and Charlie Crist. At the other end of the ballot we find the benignly low-profile, campaign-free candidates for soil and water conservation districts. Which brings us to the candidacy of A.J. [...]

Jeb Will Have To Check Baggage in 2016

The name of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is still prominently out there for 2016. A recent poll has him trailing Hillary Clinton by 7 percentage points in Iowa. And Jeb!, of course, has only fanned the flames of speculation with a book and political endorsements. For perspective, however, it would be wise to keep [...]

Media Matters

* Enough of the Crist-Scott fan fallout–and that includes all the accompanying puns plus the ultimate hyperbolic affix: “-gate.” On this there should be no debate, even by political fanatics. As for candidate rules, how about this: “No electronic ‘communication’ devices. Fans or bar stools are permissible if they help make a candidate more comfortable [...]

Foreign Affairs

* Saudi Arabia has announced that a well-known Shiite cleric has been sentenced to death for, among other crimes, disobeying the ruler, sowing discord and undermining national unity. In Saudi Arabia, most such sentences are carried out by beheading. It’s their country. Saudi Arabia has also indicated that prosecutors are asking for the execution to [...]

Sports Shorts

* FSU dodged a bullet last Saturday when it hung on to win in Tallahassee although outplayed by Notre Dame. This is obviously not the same caliber team as last year’s national champions–and it’s especially evident on defense. Look for FSU’s 23-game winning streak–and national championship-repeat hopes to end next Thursday at Louisville. The Cardinals [...]


* “Fighting this disease (Ebola) will take time. Before this is over, we may see more isolated cases here in America. But we know how to wage this fight.”–President Barack Obama. * “If the hardest thing that happens in a given day is that you have to fly commercial, your life is pretty good.”–Secretary of [...]

USF: Making Headlines For The Right Reasons

USF is making headlines these days, and it has nothing to do with a quarterback, a presidential search or JD Alexander and Florida Folly. Largess is in the news, and that’s always good news for higher education. As we saw earlier this month, the Mumas, Les and Pam, wrote a $25-million check for what will [...]

White House and Governor’s Mansion Share Blame

Cuba, of course,made the topical short list of gubernatorial-debate topics.  There were no surprises. Charlie Crist, as we’ve heard, has evolved into seeing the embargo for the counterproductive failure that it is. He wasn’t previously, as we know, this outspoken. Rick Scott, on the other hand, sees the embargo as supportable: sort of the karmic [...]

Always An Up-side

Here’s the bad news. Most Florida law schools, including Florida State and the University of Florida, had fewer applications in the last year. The biggest factor: rising costs. Another factor: greater transparency about employment results. The good news: improved prospects for a less litigious society.