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Therapy Or Diversion: Bird Feeders Are Fun

Call it therapy–from the mundane and stressful. Or call it a quality diversion–from reading, writing, landscaping and pondering politics, Putin and the Polar Vortex. But call it omission impossible no more. If you’re fortunate enough to have some greenery where you live, consider buying a bird feeder. Seriously. Frankly, I don’t know how my wife [...]

Revisiting The USF Experience

I remember it as if it were yesterday–not 2007. Along with two other couples, we were pumped and proud and reveling with a cause. We were among the 67,000 fans who had just witnessed USF’s 21-13 win over 5th ranked West Virginia at Raymond James Stadium. We remained in our seats that fall evening to [...]

The Art Of Exploitation

Sometimes just chalking stuff up to “pop culture” isn’t enough. We do that with reality TV, comic-book movie sequels and Justin Bieber. But nothing really prepares us for what’s hitting town–actually St. Petersburg–next month under the guise of an art exhibition. A new gallery–Cory Allen Contemporary Art–is planning a show that will feature Los Angeles [...]

Sagging Pants Abets Stereotyping

Sagging pants:I don’t want to paint myself into a racist corner by coming down too hard on something like sagging pants. There are too many more important issues to deal with. But what I am saying is this: For those so disposed to such a peer-group, niche fashion, consider not making it any easier for [...]

Morgan Video: For The Opposition

Sure, “For the reefer” is a funny riff on John Morgan’s “For The People” ad mantra. A lot funnier than “For the amendment.” Context matters. Hearing “For the reefer” shouted by college-age imbibers at Lakeland’s Boots ‘n’ Buckles Saloon–in response to a (medical) marijuana pitch by John Morgan–was, or should have been, sobering. Drink in [...]

FSU’s Search For A President And Credibility

Florida State University cannot be faulted for considering Sen. John Thrasher in its presidential search. It can, however, be faulted for making him the early front runner and now one of four finalists. And it would certainly be a major fault line through its credibility if it ultimately were to make him president. While the [...]

Mixed Messages On Health Care

Good for CVS, as it has officially stopped the sale of tobacco products. It’s both the right–and the smart–thing to do. It’s right, of course, because it’s no longer a cancer-enabling dispenser of cigarettes and their tobacco ilk. It’s smart because it underscores a rebranding coup–to CVS Health–and provides further marketplace separation from its competition. [...]

Presidential Calm Not Always Cool

I get that we have a cool, calm and collected president. I don’t think it’s a character flaw when your CEO refuses to rant and rage. Informed, dispassionate decision-making–hardly synonymous with being “dialed out”–must be part of leadership DNA. Having said that, President Barack Obama–in the sixth year of his presidency–continues to look like he [...]


* “What we’re seeing around the world is a revolt of the weak. There are certain weak movements and nations, beset by internal contradictions, that can’t compete if they play by the normal rules of civilization. Therefore, they are conspiring to blow up the rule book.”–David Brooks, New York Times. * “The world has proved [...]

Turn-Offs, Turnout Key To Governor’s Race

Some conversations are more memorable than others. I periodically reflect back on one I had with former Mayor Dick Greco last October. The newly-minted octogenarian was as feisty and animated as ever in surveying the political scene. Two topics were dominant: the 2014 gubernatorial race and voter apathy. A year later, they resonate even more. [...]