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American Heroes: Just What We Needed

“Merci,” to be sure. The French spared no accolades and no honor in acknowledging what those Americans did on that high-speed, Amsterdam-to-Paris train. French President Francois Hollande awarded them Legion of Honor medals in an Elysee Palace ceremony. Even Charles de Gaulle might still be in standing-ovation mode. It’s what happens when horrific, mass-murder terrorism [...]

“Best And Brightest” Amazement

The law of unintended consequences keeps revisiting education. It obviously didn’t stop with FCAT “accountability” in all its pedagogical mutations. Over-testing, for example, has become a counter-productive, logistically-disruptive given, even if Jeb Bush doesn’t appreciate the legacy smear. Now there’s the “Best and Brightest Scholarship,” approved earlier this year by the Florida Legislature when it [...]

Redistricting Basics

Call it “Redistricting 101.” It’s that basic. Let an independent body handle it. When it comes time, and those times come regularly, why would we even consider letting legislators draw their own redistricting maps? Republican or Democrat. Congressional or state senate. Those with a personal political stake and self-serving by nature should not be allowed [...]

The Post-Presidency Of Jimmy Carter

I’d rather write this now than have it be an inevitable R.I.P. retrospective. I was among the millions who saw that Jimmy Carter press conference where he informed the public of the melanoma cancer that had spread to his brain. He did it with candor, humor and class. He felt, he said, “perfectly at ease [...]

Good Guys Win One

In a news cycle dominated by natural disasters, ISIS updates, China’s economic ripples and Donald Trump, good news is especially welcome. That’s what we got–as well as a nationalistic rush of pride–when those three Americans subdued that terrorist on the Amsterdam-to-Paris train. And in so doing, likely prevented mass murder.

Sports Shorts

* Last week Rays’ All Star pitcher Chris Archer tossed a one-hit masterpiece against the Houston Astros. And it was a COMPLETE GAME. It was the first such–for the team–this season. They’ve become nearly as rare as no-hitters. And it got me to recalling an interview with Robin Roberts, the Hall of Fame, former Phillies [...]


* “What we need to see to calm investors is positive economic data points out of China and only when we see that will the rallies be sustainable.”–Xavier Smith, investment director at Center Asset Management. * “Most people understand these are not (financial) times to panic. If you’re stuck, you’re stuck, and you just wait [...]

“Show Time” For Candidates

Not to dwell overly on that Republican presidential debate, but there was an ominously tell-tale reference made before the official 9:00 starting time by Fox News moderator Megyn Kelly. She feigned looking at her watch and gave a heads-up to pre-debate viewers that “the show” would begin in less than a minute right after a [...]

Siege The Marketing Department

The Bucs have made news with their “Red” marketing program that targets female fans, and some have weighed in on the grammatical appropriateness of their “Siege The Day” print ads. No big deal, frankly. But I will take issue with the actual design and placement of those “Siege The Day” ads. They’re not just on [...]

Political Radar At City Hall

Those looking for any and all possible signs that Mayor Bob Buckhorn is ultimately eying a run for higher, statewide office now have another clue. Replacing the well-regarded Ali Glisson as City Hall’s public affairs director is Ashley Bauman. The latter’s political-communication background is rooted in the Democratic Party. Prominent among her experiences: former senior [...]