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Will Jeb Make A Strategic U-Turn?

Yes, we know it’s still early in the presidential-campaign season and this time four years ago Rick Perry, Herman Cain and Michelle Bachman were being taken seriously. We also know that polling, especially in the era of cell phones, noncompliant subjects and push polls, can be misleading. But at some point Jeb Bush will need [...]

Pope Francis Resonates

As a George Carlin Catholic who has strayed from the religion I was born into, I was surprised that I was as moved as I was witnessing Pope Francis’ visit to America. Such simplicity and genuineness in one so impactful was so welcoming. The outpouring of reciprocal affection–not just papal-cachet response and not just from [...]

Braves/Rays Dustup

So much for protocol. Or class. Move over, St. Petersburg City Council. You’re not the only off-putting fly in the Tampa Bay Rays stadium ointment. What were the Atlanta Braves and Pinellas County officials thinking when they didn’t so much as accord the Rays a heads up about the Braves proposal to build a spring [...]

Sports Shorts

* The death of Yogi Berra was well chronicled. The Hall of Fame Yankee catcher was that good, that colorful and that popular. Among the chronicles was an AP photo from 1950 that ran in the Tampa Bay Times. It showed Berra tagging out a sliding Granny Hamner of the Philadelphia Phillies in the 1950 [...]


* “The question now is, are words followed by actions? We will be watching carefully.”–President Barack Obama, at a news conference with Chinese President Xi Jinping. * “Under international law, this incident is absolutely subject to prosecution. They have to know that we will pursue the trial of Al-Saud for the crime they have committed [...]

Go Hillsborough Just About Gone

Maybe it should be called Gone Hillsborough instead of Go Hillsborough. That would be a more appropriate name for this county undertaking that seeks to bring a transit sales tax initiative to the voters in 2016. Success has been more than problematic from the get-go. First things first. A county-wide tax for virtually anything is [...]

Orpheum Irony

Ironic update on that fatal stabbing last month outside the Orpheum nightclub  in Ybor City. The lawyer for the suspect is claiming self-defense. In effect, lucky for him that he thought to bring a knife with him that night for the post-game party after the USF-FAMU football game.

New Twist To UN Embargo Vote

This much is assured at the upcoming General Assembly of the United Nations: For the 24th consecutive year Cuba will introduce a resolution demanding an end to the U.S. trade embargo against Cuba. Also assured: a one-sided vote in support of the resolution of condemnation. Last year it was 188-2. Joining the U.S.–for obvious reasons–as [...]

Gates Comes Up Short

A school district in need of an audit over runaway spending and shrinking reserves certainly didn’t need this. We now know that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, that pedagogical deus ex machina, has come up short in its promises to Hillsborough County schools. Instead of kicking in $100 million to improve teacher quality, its [...]

Gov. Jeb And Dr. Ben

Jeb Bush and Dr. Ben Carson: two quick takeaways. Jeb: For all his Right To Rise millions and “staying power,” Bush is preordained, if nominated, to be at a critical disadvantage against presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. He wouldn’t be able to contrast himself to a candidate of entitlement and another generation. Now, in order [...]