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USF: Making Headlines For The Right Reasons

USF is making headlines these days, and it has nothing to do with a quarterback, a presidential search or JD Alexander and Florida Folly. Largess is in the news, and that’s always good news for higher education. As we saw earlier this month, the Mumas, Les and Pam, wrote a $25-million check for what will [...]

White House and Governor’s Mansion Share Blame

Cuba, of course,made the topical short list of gubernatorial-debate topics.  There were no surprises. Charlie Crist, as we’ve heard, has evolved into seeing the embargo for the counterproductive failure that it is. He wasn’t previously, as we know, this outspoken. Rick Scott, on the other hand, sees the embargo as supportable: sort of the karmic [...]

Always An Up-side

Here’s the bad news. Most Florida law schools, including Florida State and the University of Florida, had fewer applications in the last year. The biggest factor: rising costs. Another factor: greater transparency about employment results. The good news: improved prospects for a less litigious society.

Presidential Optics And Context

Of all the White House optics, few–if any–can be as cringe-worthy as context for a president’s fund-raising flights. It would be nice if the office were above such expedience, but it comes with the job. Indeed, as we’re periodically reminded, any president is also the Hustler-in-Chief. Last Tuesday, for example, President Barack Obama was shown [...]

Media Matters

* Former cabinet secretaries and memoirs are about as predictable as politicians and their disdain for “special interests.” But whether it’s Hillary Clinton, (former Secretary of Defense) Robert Gates or, most recently, former SOD Leon Panetta, couldn’t they at least wait until the president they were serving is out of office? How about showing some [...]

Tourist Season

It’s hardly a coincidence. Fiscal year 2014 was a banner year in Hillsborough County for tourism. The final figure was a bed tax collection record of $23.7 million in tourist development taxes, according to Visit Tampa Bay, the county’s official tourism arm. The previous record was $21.8 million in 2007. It, thus, makes sense that [...]

Sports Shorts

* For those wondering if there is any doubt that FSU quarterback Jameis Winston will not be back next year, consider this. While Winston, a Heisman Trophy-winning, red-shirt sophomore, has avoided criminal charges over sexual assault allegations, he is still under scrutiny for a possible student code of conduct violation. He could yet face a [...]


* “Baghdad is ripe for infiltration for a Tet-like offensive aimed at demoralizing both Iraq and the U.S.”–Charles Krauthammer. * “We always overestimate military training and force and underestimate what Arabs and Afghans want most: decent and just governance. Without the latter, there is no way to cultivate real citizens with a will to fight–and [...]

Gainesville Won’t Be Tallahassee, The Sequel

It wasn’t as shockingas itshould have been. The reaction wasn’t a dumbfounding, blind-siding “WHAT!” It was more like an anguished, wincing “Oh, no. Now it’s us.” University of Florida quarterback Treon Harris, the hero of the come-from-behind win over Tennessee, had been accused of sexual assault. That’s not so much an aspersion on Harris’ character, [...]

Fr. Chip’s Blessing

My wife and I received the flyer announcing that St. John’s Episcopal Church was inviting all pet lovers to its annual Saint Francis Day Pet Blessing. We have 13-year-old twin Peekapoos–Hydee and Zeek (as in “hide and seek”)–and thought “why not?” Love for animals as a common denominator: We’re there. Plus, “there” is just across [...]