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Political Candor From Tiger Bay Duo

 I caught the dual-speaker, Mike Fasano and Jim Davis show the other day at the Tampa Tiger Bay Club gathering at Jackson’s Bistro on Harbour Island. Two names, to be sure, that are synonymous with politics and the Tampa Bay area. These guys have been around. Republican Fasano represented Pasco County for nearly two decades [...]

Self-Serving Democrat

Anyone shockedby the Debbie Wasserman Schultz-John Morgan feud shouldn’t be. But not because the “For The People,” Democratic barrister doesn’t pull any rhetorical punches when it comes to his gut issue of medical marijuana. It’s mainly because U.S. Rep. Wasserman-Schultz, D-Weston, and chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, is notorious for cherry-picking issues that keep [...]

Notable Quote

Quite the going-away bash for departing (OK, fired) Hillsborough County School Superintendent MaryEllen Elia last week at the Marriott Waterside Hotel. And no comment, amid the many, was more telling than Elia’s own: “Elections matter.” Just ask Sally Harris–and Michelle Popp Shimberg.

Awesome Icon?

I saw where rapper Chuck D gave a lecture last week at Eckerd College. The media referenced him as “the founder of the iconic rap group Public Enemy.” Anyone else taken aback by the societal reality that we now have a mainstream, “iconic” rap group reference? Maybe it’s generational. Maybe it’s cultural. Or maybe it’s [...]

City Council Stadium Fiasco

St. Petersburg, as we well know, was once the land of green benches and the butt of “God’s waiting room” jokes. That was then; this is not. Not even close. Today’s St. Pete is increasingly trending hip as a city of the arts with a world-class waterfront and residential real estate buzz. And yet. There’s [...]

Media Matters

* That was a cheap shot that Gasparilla recently took from “The O’Reilly Factor.“ In the on-the-street interviews segment called “Watters World,” producer-interviewer Jesse Watters asks questions to elicit embarrassing reminders that we have a lot of clueless, ill-informed people in this country. Indeed, we get that, but it shouldn’t require going to a place [...]

Foreign Affairs

* Anyone else miss the Cold War? Back when both sides had a key component in common: Nobody wanted to die. That kind of leverage is obviously incongruous with a “martyr” mentality. * One of the ironic downsides of the whole Ukrainian-Russian-Czar Vladimir mess is that the West needs Putin in any global confrontation with [...]

Almost Accurate

So look who is now defending his on-the-ground, “combat-zone” bona fides: Fox pontificator Bill O’Reilly. He’s being called out over his selective recall of Falkland Islands’ reporting he did in 1982–while he was in Buenos Aires. But you have to admire his candor when caught. No “misremembering” here. “Hey, I’m no Brian Williams conflating helicopter [...]

Sports Shorts

* It’s thought that the Bucs are preparing their fan base for the selection of Jameis Winston with the top draft pick that would make him the de facto face of the franchise. It’s also thought this won’t be an easy sell. Frankly, I think any fan wariness will disappear with positive signs coming out [...]


* “We are not at war with Islam. We are at war with people who have perverted Islam.”–President Barack Obama. * “The Greeks have always been able to capitalize on their claim to be more significant than their size and their economy warranted.”–Jonathan Eyal of the Royal United Services Institute, a London-based think tank. * [...]