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School Uniforms Can Help Limit Distractions

It’s one of those issues–unlike, say,guns, gambling or Medicaid expansion–that periodically cycles back into the legislative halls of Tallahassee but doesn’t leave zero-sum polarization in its contentious wake. It’s either a good, practical idea or a well-intentioned but unnecessary, ineffectual one. Nobody gets demonized. It’s the familiar refrain about uniforms in public schools. We’ve heard [...]

UConn, Tampa Bay Big Winners

I couldn’t resistlooking in on the Women’s Final Four last week. Not because I had a strong allegiance, but because I’m a big fan of the host city. Every commercial break would include local-color, cutaway shots. Santiago Corrada couldn’t have orchestrated it any better: from requisite beach scenes, Ybor City shots and Bayshore Boulevard panoramas [...]

Bad Timing For Roiling Stone

These are not the best of times for much of print media. The scenario is an all-too-familiar one for well-chronicled reasons. So what the print world didn’t need right now is the Rolling Stone magazine mess. In attempting to remain relevant and score a high-profile exposé, it published an explosive, 9,000-word article, “A Rape on [...]

Self-Criticism Also Helps

There’s a local connection to the touted, faux sitcom Halal in the Family that made its debut this week on the humor website funnyordie.com. The four episodes star Daily Show correspondent Aasif Mandvi, who attended USF and Chamberlain High. It’s being promoted as a satiric forum for addressing issues such as cyberbullying, media bias, hate [...]

Could Have Been Worse

It was certainly noteworthy enough when the notorious, undefeated University of Kentucky basketball team lost to Wisconsin in the NCAA semifinals. The post-game press conference, however, turned tawdry in its newsworthiness. UK guard Andrew Harrison muttered a nasty slur into a microphone about Wisconsin’s AP “Player of the Year” Frank Kaminsky. He called him a [...]

Age of Aquarium

It was a speech about the Florida Aquarium. It was also a primer on catalysts. Tucker/Hall chairman Tom Hall recently spoke at the Aquarium’s 20th anniversary celebration and reminded everyone about a fact of economic and visionary life that we continue to see play out in downtown Tampa. The right project for the right reasons–even [...]

Hoosier Helper

When Indiana retooled its religious-freedom law, doing the right thing had prevailed. And something else was evident: When religious rights and liberty meet freedom from discrimination, you often need a tie-breaker. Eminent loss of business qualifies.

¿Quién Sabía?

The Florida Voter Registration Application, as we know, has a “Race/Ethnicity” category. In filling out his FVRA in 2009, Jeb Bush checked “Hispanic.” Probably news to Poppy and Barb.

Better Transition Help

Let’s hear it for wounded-vet transition plans that have nothing to do with target practice or hunting. In short, nothing to do with guns.

Sports Shorts

* Blue Devil bottom line: Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski is making $9.7 million this year. Duke President Richard Brodhead makes $1.1 million. But Brodhead has yet to win a national championship; Krzyzewski just won his fifth on Monday. And, BTW, the Duke basketball program grossed $12.8 million in profit on revenues of $27 million [...]