* The older you get, the more you forget. But you never forget that there’s stuff you can’t remember. Not fair.

* There was a time when “You’re looking good” didn’t mean “for your age.”

* Joe Biden: “We shall overcome.” Donald Trump: “We shall overcomb.

* Weird how a person who says “I could care less” means the same thing as someone who says “I couldn’t care less.”

* Word Nerds: Acronyms are now a routine and fundamental part of our written and spoken communication—from NATO and NAFTA to SCOTUS and POTUS. Then there’s WOKE, the one that, for a certain some, stands for “Wrongs to Our Kids and Employees.” Do administrations and political campaigns have designated acronym specialists? Is it the Acronym Specialist Syndrome?

* Trump University. Trump Steaks. Trump Sneakers. What’s next? Trump IndictMINTS?

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