Trumpster Diving

* McCarthyism 2021: House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy took partisan bitterness to new depths by delaying the $2 trillion social and environmental (“Build Back Better”) bill approval with an eight and a half hour presentation that gave diatribe a bad name. He railed on about the bill, the president and the Democrats, especially Speaker Nancy Pelosi. He accused the Speaker of “burning down the House on her way out the door.” BTW, McCarthy’s speech was the longest in House history.

Too bad McCarthy couldn’t have mustered such rage over, say, the insurrection at the Capitol on Jan. 6. But the viability and integrity of American democracy is not a priority of partisan political punks.

* Still doubling down, Trump endorsed Rep(rehensible) Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar, the one who faced House censure for a violent, politically-partisan anime video directed against Rep. Alexandria Cortez-Ocasio and President Joe Biden.

* Georgia Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan recently visited New Hampshire, where he touted his “GOP 2.0” vision that is all about moving the Republican Party beyond Donald Trump. “We as Republicans have forgotten to remind people why we’re Republicans,” he said, and added that Trump’s insistence that he won in 2020 “disgusts” him. “It’s not what democracy is all about,” underscored Duncan, 46, “but it’s reality right now.” And, yes, he could be a long-shot candidate. That’s why those entertaining such hopes travel to New Hampshire.

* Doesn’t it speak volumes about Trump’s seditious lies about the 2020 presidential results, when even the dark and duplicitous Richard Nixon didn’t contest the problematic results of his 1960 election loss to John F. Kennedy. For the record, Nixon lost the popular vote 49.72 percent to 49.55 percent—amid some notorious vote-count scenarios in Illinois and Texas.

* According to an Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs poll, conducted two weeks after President Biden’s inauguration, two thirds of Republicans said Biden was not legitimately elected. And nothing has changed.

* “Thanks to Trump the (Republican) party lost anything resembling a coherent philosophy.”–Eugene Robinson, Washington Post.

* No Cruz control. “A tool of government (vaccination) propaganda.” That’s how Texas Sen. Ted Cruz characterized Big Bird. “Trump Derangement Syndrome.” That’s what, according to Cruz, Rep. Liz Cheney suffers from. And we’ll likely hear more of the same as 2024 approaches.

*Mea Culpa.” That’s the podcast of disbarred lawyer and former Trump “fixer” Michael Cohen, who recently finished his 3-year prison sentence for tax fraud, bank fraud, lying to Congress and violating campaign finance laws. He also has, unsurprisingly, another book coming out.

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