* Flori-duh reminder: This state still has no restrictions on the sale or ownership of assault weapons.

* Like many governors, Ron DiSaster’s signing of bills is a high-profile, self-serving, staged political event. How interesting that his signing of the law that allows people to carry guns without permits was done in private. Sounds like the calculation of someone running for president who knows that this issue won’t play quite as well nationally.

* The Pasco County School Board has banned the use of cellphones in elementary classrooms. The obvious begged question: What took so long?

* “The politicization of weather”: How Gov. DiSaster recently responded to the issue of climate change and the role of government in combating it.

* Clean energy update: Gov. DiSaster vetoed a bill that would have added electrical vehicles to state and local government fleets. It could have saved the state an estimated $277 million over 15 years. More EVs would create less demand for ethanol, which is processed from corn in such states as the early presidential-caucus Iowa.

* When the Catholic governor goes on the Christian Broadcasting Network to talk religion, he’s courting the all-too-courtable evangelical vote. Too bad hypocrisy isn’t a mortal sin.

* “Gimme Shelter”: Mick Jagger and his girlfriend are selling their home in—the Lakewood Ranch area.

* Pro-choice, anti-DeSantis sign: “Keep your rosaries off my ovaries.”

* “Moms for Liberty”? How about “Mom’s for Self-Serving Censorship Euphemisms”?

* “In Miami, we stopped waiting for Washington to lead.”–Miami Republican Mayor Francis Suarez, in announcing his presidential campaign.

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