Tampa Bay

* “Cultivating the arts and realizing a wide range of housing options in Ybor City are two critically important goals for our community.” That was developer Darryl Shaw, who is donating land for the Artspace Tampa project that aims to offer affordable space where artists can live and work.

* Imagine Clearwater”–with its impressive, new tourist-magnet Coachman Park–has opened. Finally. What’s next? “Imagine Clearwater without Scientology?”

* An independent, Pinellas County-commissioned analysis of a baseball stadium impact on the Tropicana Field site projected the generation of nearly 18,000 sustainable, annual jobs in the county over 30 years.

* Pinellas County is on track to add another 200,000 residents by 2050.

* “There’s always the option of going back to the people of Hillsborough to seek re-election for a third term.” That was former Hillsborough County state attorney Andrew Warren, who was ousted by Gov. DiSaster. You go, Andrew.

* A Tampa-themed Monopoly board game is set to debut early next year under the Hasbro license. Suggestions are welcome. Here’s hoping they all start with Ybor City.

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