* Over the years, it’s still the most memorable graffiti I’ve ever encountered. It was 1980s Cuba, and I was in a cab heading for the University of Havana and those iconic steps. And then I saw “Abajo Batista Asesino (“Down with Batista, the assassin”) on a nearby wall. Wow. All these years later, it was still there. I tapped the cab driver on the shoulder and pointed it out—as well as my shock. His nonchalant response: “Oh, yeah, and they repaint it every two years.” Bada bing.

* Just wondering: If all you did were curls when you went to the gym, would that make you a biceptual?

* When I see specialty license plates for the Bucs, Bolts, Bulls and Rays, I’m reminded that they represent more than proud, supportive-fandom drivers. It’s also uber mobile, de facto marketing. Shouldn’t the extra costs be borne—or shared—by the brands?

* Here’s a t-shirt on sale at a local pet-and-vet store for dogs: “Don’t Mess With Texas, But Definitely Don’t F**k With Florida.” There’s no escaping it.

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