Media Matters

* “Nikki Haley (51) isn’t in her prime, sorry.” That was CNN’s Don Lemon, who is among those at the network who are sorry he made that stupid ageism comment. After “formal training,” Lemon, 56, is now back on the air while he’s still in his male prime.

* Sometimes having free movie tickets isn’t enough. Case in point: “80 For Brady.” It gives silly a bad name. One consolation: Rita Moreno, at 90, still impresses.

* “Journalism’s first rule: Never overlook the obvious. … Journalism’s second rule: Be wary of information that seems to confirm what you have been wishing for.”–Retired CBS News journalist Bob Schieffer.

* Fox is not a news channel. It is the Right’s Pravda.”–Mona Charen, The Bulwark.

* Will Dominion Voting System’s lawsuit make any difference to Fox? Likely not. It would have to change its business model. But Dominion’s legal filings further underscore that Fox is much more unfair and unhinged than “fair and balanced.”

* Because recent SNL host Woody Harrelson was hammered by the media for embarrassingly winging it in his opening monologue, little attention was given to the cold opening. It was Trump in East Palestine, Ohio. Unfunny is not unfamiliar at SNL, but what poor taste to try and find humor in a traumatic, toxic train derailment.

* Movie biographies and histories are either “based” on real events or “inspired” by them. You can tell the difference.

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