Dem Notes

* “The Democrats desperately need a younger, smoother, smarter set of public faces for their party if they’re going to compete.”–Former Republican—now independent—political strategist Rick Wilson. Wish I could disagree.

* “With the GOP still careening into crazy, the Democrats are the only hope for rationality in the future. And a Biden/Klobuchar or Biden/Whitmer or Biden/Booker ticket would be a much safer bet. … Biden cannot dump Kamala Harris, but she could withdraw.” Mona Charen, The Bulwark.

* Talk about no-win politics: The Biden Administration, which is challenged to keep its progressives in line, approved a massive oil development in northern Alaska. More importantly, it’s also a no-win for the environment with a projected addition of at least 260 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions over 30 years.

* President Biden will be delivering the eulogy of former President Jimmy Carter, who remains in hospice care.

* The Biden Administration has announced it will grant Florida an additional $2.7 billion in disaster relief from HUD through its new Office of Disaster Management and Office of Disaster Recovery. The funding will go to under-served communities still recovering from Hurricanes Ian and Nicole.

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