Sports Shorts

  • It’s some kind of a parallel-universe baseball season that’s underway: no fans, lots of masks and some rule changes—like a universal designated hitter. But there are familiar constants besides spitting. Here’s one that won’t go away—unless MLB implements a salary cap so that teams, regardless of market size and consequent TV deals, can all play by the same rules. Exhibit A: The Rays payroll last year ($64.2 million) was less than 30 percent of the New York Yankees’ payroll. And that’s before the Yankees signed free agent pitcher Gerrit Cole to an obscene, 9-figure contract.
  • The Rays have no African-American players on the roster. First base coach–and Tampa native–Ozzie Timmons is the team’s only uniformed African-American.
  • “I get asked every day if college sports will return this fall. The consensus opinion among our health advisers is significant change must occur for that to happen.”—NCAA President Mark Emmert.
  • MLB’s Miami Marlins recently had 17 players and two staff members test positive for the coronavirus—leading to postponements.
  • Until further NFL notice, it will be the Washington Football Team: Obviously, no focus group was involved.

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