Media Matters

  • “America then, as told by America now.”—How Lin-Manuel Miranda has described “Hamilton.”
  • Re: The cringe-worthy, Chris Wallace Fox grilling of Trump. Mike Wallace would be proud.
  • Michael Cohen’s book, expected out before the election, will be, of course, “unflattering” to Trump. Cohen knows a lot more than just details about hush money to bimbos. And word is that he’ll be sharing Trump’s flair for racist and anti-Semitic comments. As for reactions, no one expects House Negro Ben Carson or sycophantic, Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner to be insulted, angry or surprised.
  • It still seems weird, even in the new normal, to see a Wall Street Journal ad in the Tampa Bay Times.
  • Ron DeSantis reality: Not being Rick Scott is not enough. Not nearly. And, yes, he’s still showing up on “Fox & Friends.”
  • “People need a break from the news.”—Comedian Jim Gaffigan.

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