Not Face Saving

So the Democratic governor of  Virginia, Ralph Northam, apologizes for appearing in a blatantly racist yearbook photograph that featured a man in blackface and one sporting KKK garb. Then he denies being part of what he had just apologized for. Sounds like another cold opening for “Saturday Night Live.”

Frankly, Northam should consider apologizing for being two-faced.  

There’s also an element of irony here. Should Gov. Northam ultimately resign, his place would be taken by Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax, who happens to be black beyond his face. Fairfax would become the second African-American governor in Virginia’s history. Sounds almost karmic, except that there are now accusations of sexual assault against Fairfax.

And this just in. Virginia’s Democratic Attorney General Mark Herring has now acknowledged appearing in rapper-esque blackface back in the 80s. That’s Virginia’s top three elected officials engulfed by scandal. Moreover, should all three wind up resigning, the next in line to become governor would be House Speaker Kirk Cox, a Republican.

No, you can’t make this stuff up.

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