Sports Shorts

* Quarterback-challenged FSU just jettisoned its starting QB Deondre Franciois. It had everything to do with another all-too-disgustingly-familiar domestic violence accusation. Call it doing the right thing. But also call it the expedient thing that is part of Jameis Winston’s infamous legacy. FSU does not want to re-enter that notorious spotlight that Winston put them in a few years back. Besides, Francois was never going to win a Heisman and lead the ‘Noles back to the, however soiled, glory years.

* While speculation about Super Bowl player participation continues regarding a New England Patriots team visit to the White House, this is always a good time–even in a non-Trump presidency–to re-think this tradition. Just eliminate all teams from a WH visit unless they are representing the U.S.–not their franchise owners–in international competition. The Olympics and World Cup, yes.  The NFL, NBA, MLB or NHL, no. Regardless of who’s president.

* Not that Bruce Arians is deterred, but the oddsmaking Westgate SuperBook already has Super Bowl odds out for next year. The Bucs are 80-1 longshots. But it could be worse. We could be talking about the Miami Dolphins, who are listed at 300-1. BTW, next year’s game is in Miami.

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