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* Go Bulls: USF begins the 2017 football season ranked in the top 25 in the Coaches Preseason Poll. The Bulls are 21–and, for comparison, ranked higher than the likes of Notre Dame, Texas, Tennessee, (Willie Taggart’s) Oregon, Texas A&M, Nebraska, TCU and Michigan State.

* It’s been 29 years since Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs, installed lights. But city regulations still limit the number of night games. No surprise, then, that the Cubs play more day games at home than any other MLB team. And now we find out–at least nationally–that Joe Maddon doesn’t like so many day games. He says it’s a disadvantage to his team. “Constantly having to get up and rush to the ballpark and not having a normal method during the course of the day, it does matter,” says Maddon.

It likely mattered a lot less last year, when Cubs’ pitching was a lot better than this year.

* It’s early August and that means NFL pre-season games are underway. The Bucs open tonight (Friday) at Cincinnati. BTW, the Bengals are 2-point favorites. BTW, this makes absolutely no sense. It’s an exhibition game, played largely by players who will likely not even make their respective teams. Point spreads? Does somebody actually bet on this stuff?

* Spot-on eulogy line by Lou Holtz at a memorial service for former Notre Dame football coach Ara Parseghian, who won two national championships. “A lot of people can be successful,” said Holtz, but it’s even more significant when “you help other people be successful.” Amen.

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