Disciplining Trump

The terms “as of this writing” and “as we go to press” were never more applicable than they are now with the soap opera from hell that is the off-White House. Within a tweet cycle there can be multiple firings, hirings, promotions and career implosions. Corey, Sean, Reince, Mooch, thanks for playing. Sally Yates, James Comey, almost nice knowing you. Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn, stuff happens. Steve and Kellyanne, still need dead enders and media harlots. Jared and Ivanka, check in with Gen. Kelly. Rudy and Chris, stay in touch. Jeff Sessions, who the hell knows.

All this, while the person in charge remains unprepared, unqualified and unhinged. Impeachment and 25th Amendment scenarios are openly discussed.

That said, here goes.

Retired four-star Marine Gen. John F. Kelly, the former Homeland Security secretary, means business. Discipline will be the theme. Seemingly, he will be appropriately empowered, and there will be an obvious chain of command with no links above him, just the chief narcissist.

A few takeaways before the unpresidential dust storm resumes.

First, this embarrassing excuse for an administration badly needs discipline. Only problem: Will Trump be amenable to it? He doesn’t do discipline. He has no impulse control. He runs the show, he tweets at all hours, he doesn’t read briefing books. He says what he wants, whether it’s the Boy Scouts or “Access Hollywood.” He’s still an unconscionably unpredictable brand.

Second, why, quite frankly, would somebody like Gen. Kelly want to work for somebody like Donald Trump? Hopefully, he’s the ultimate patriot. We know the caliber of people Trump tends to attract.

Third, if Gen. Kelly were doing such an outstanding job as Homeland Security secretary, why not leave him there helping insure the safety of the American people rather than being Trump’s Oval Office gatekeeper?

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