Rice For President

For anyone running for president in 2008, the signs would typically be manifest by now. Parade Magazine references. Appearances on Sunday morning and late-night talk shows. Middle East travel. Encouraging Quinnipiac University poll numbers.

And a web site with lots of stuff for sale.

Obviously, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice must be in the hunt.

To be sure, there’s the Condi Rice for President 08 web site. But there’s much more than the requisite buttons, magnets, mugs, mouse pads and bumper stickers for sale. There’s also (honest) the Condi Rice for President 08 “Classic Thong” ($12.99), boxers ($18.99), trucker hat ($16.99), Christmas ornament ($9.99 – round or oval), infant creeper ($15.99) and dog tee-shirt ($19.99).

With free holiday shipping.

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