The Trite Stuff

Amusing, on-point editorial the other day in the Tampa Tribune on clichés and hackneyed filler phrases favored by too many politicians and business leaders. It nailed some of the most irksome parlance polluters such as “wake-up calls,” “at the end of the day,” “going forward,” “it goes without saying” and “it’s not rocket science.”

But let’s not end there, lest we be accused of not thinking far enough outside the (platitude) box. There are cash cows to be milked, Kool-Aid to be drunk and pockets to be, well, out of. Doubtless, it doesn’t get much more lame than walking the walk, more unnerving than ignoring that 800-pound gorilla, more candid than owning up to whose court the ball is in and more prioritizing than grabbing all that low-hanging fruit.

And sometimes it just takes a world-class effort to avoid pro-active, hands-on envelope-pushing. The result: either a win-win situation or everything ass backwards.

But in all honesty, will any of this cutting-edge, linguistic introspection help – let alone generate traction?

Obviously, that remains to be seen.

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