Sports Shorts

* USF is breaking ground Oct. 18 on its on-campus, 35,000-seat football stadium.

* The name, image and likeness era means the end of major college (revenue-producing) sports as we have known them. University football will look more like MLB farm teams, with signing bonuses into the multi-millions and then de facto free agency for transferring. Athletes as pseudo students majoring in eligibility. And head’s up for all the scandals on their way.

* Florida is the 36th state to permit high school athletes to benefit financially from name, image and likeness. There’s no turning back.

* UT won its 9th Division II baseball championship.

* UF won its 3rd straight NCAA Men’s Outdoor Track & Field Championship.

* USF won the AAC men’s indoor and outdoor track championships this year.

* The Memorial Weekend Sunday game between the Rays and Royals included respectful shout outs to veterans and the singing of the “Star Spangled Banner” and “God Bless America.” The players stood at attention with caps over their hearts. The cameras showed some close-ups. Oops. Regardless of the context, baseball players do what baseball players do. At least one (Royal) had to work in a spit.

* Miami Marlins home crowd for recent game with the Rays: 8,778.

* Congrats to Jesuit High for winning its 7th (5A) state baseball championship.

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