* The Gunshine State has seen an unsurprising drop in gun-safety classes. Permitless-carry laws have their ripple effects.

* The Florida Legislature has only one member–State Rep. Randy Fine of southern Brevard County–who is both Jewish and Republican.

* Disney has joined the sports betting business. It has launched its own app, ESPN Bet.

* Speaking of, Disney—according to a study by Oxford Economics—had a $40.3 billion economic impact on Florida in fiscal 2022.

* It looks increasingly appropriate that Ron DiSastrous announced his presidential bid on Elon Musk’s X-rated, social medium platform.

* The Florida State Guard: Get rid of those brown shirts.

* When the Tallahassee remake of New College is complete, it will look like Hillsdale, the GOP-backed, private, conservative Christian Michigan college.

* The governor swears he doesn’t wear height-enhancing lifts in those incongruous, bizarrely-shaped cowboy boots to look like a taller leader. But his campaign does need a vertical lift.

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