Dem Notes

* Abortion rights continue to fuel Democratic optimism. Pro choice is more than a bumper-sticker freedom.

* “Kamala Harris has been raked over the coals as vice president. But few have ever doubted her skill as a passionate inquisitor and prosecutor—roles essential in a presidential campaign. It’s time to let Kamala Harris be herself. … (She) plainly gets under the skin of MAGA politicians and right-wing media.”–Jennifer Rubin, WaPo.

* “There was an assault weapons ban at one time. It expired. Let’s renew it.”–VP Kamala Harris.

* RFK Jr., Marianne Williamson, Joe Manchin: Biden alternatives? Hardly. And it hardly helps.

* “Competitive when it should be, collaborative when it can be and adversarial when it must be.”–Secretary of State Antony Blinken on the U.S. approach to China.

* “We’re finally getting it done.”– President Joe Biden in showcasing more than $16 billion in federal investments for rail travel along the Northeast Corridor.

* End Citizens United/Let America Vote, the grass-roots organization committed to protecting the freedom to vote and reforming the broken campaign-finance system, has officially endorsed the re-election of President Joe Biden.

* Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, 83, is running for re-election. Not all octogenarians are the same.

* Cuban-heavy Hialeah has the second-highest Affordable Care Act enrollment in the country.

* Nuestros Suenos” (“Our dreams”) and “Firme” (“Strong”): Democratic Spanish language TV ads in South Florida that target Venezuelan-Americans.

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