Sports Shorts

  • The minimum MLB salary for 2024 is $740,000.
  • New York Yankees president Randy Levine recently criticized the “whining” Rays and Marlins for their reliance on revenue sharing. Wonder what Levine would say to a salary cap—as we have in the other major pro sports. It’s a way of preventing the wealthiest franchises from beating their competition by simply outspending them. Or would that be a bit too egalitarian? Or is this just Levine ranting because all that Yankee money notwithstanding, his team had another disappointing season in the shadow of the low-payroll Rays.
  • I miss Champa Bay.
  • Tampa Bay Tech alum Michael Penix, the University of Washington quarterback, is among top Heisman Trophy favorites.
  • The AP men’s preseason basketball poll has one Florida school in its top 10: not UF or FSU—but The Owls made it to the Final Four last year.
  • Saturday is college football day. Only ongoing downside: having to endure AllState and Progressive commercials.
  • Decals on helmets. Keep it at the motivational, high school level–no matter what Michigan or Ohio State think. Unless they want to remove decals for bad plays.

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