Media Matters

  • “The best advice for avoiding (Israeli-Hamas) misinformation, is to simply avoid social media. … The second-best advice is to follow a curated list of experts about what’s happening.”—Alex Mahadevan, director of the Poynter Institute’s digital media literacy initiative MediaWise.
  • “There’s a good place to find trusted news on line: actual news websites.”—Dave Lee, Bloomberg.
  • “Only a free and unrestrained press can effectively expose deception in government.”—SCOTUS Justice Hugo Black at the time of the Pentagon Papers.
  • It’s no surprise that network television ratings have been heading south in recent years. Netflix, Hulu et al have everything to do with it. But there’s one demographic exception to stream-at-your-leisure viewers: people over 60. “At CBS, we love older viewers,” notes Radha Subramanyam, the chief research officer at CBS. “They watch a lot of television. And advertisers love them because they have tons and tons of spending power.”
  • SNL cold openings: And we thought the writers’ strike was over.
  • Media monopolies: The Federal Trade Commission and the Justice Department are moving ahead with anti-trust suits against big tech. That includes Google and Amazon.
  • Dozens of states, including Florida, are suing Meta Platform Inc. for designing features on Instagram and Facebook that addict children—and further contribute to a youth mental health crisis. But adults are still on their own.
  • Fox News: The monetizing of anger.
  • R&R Hall of Fame: Still no Chubby Checker.

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