• How about a 28th Amendment? When in legal/originalist doubt, revert to common sense.
  • “GOP Bless America”: Mike Pence’s favorite evangelical bumper sticker.
  • Iranian oxymoron: “morality police.”
  • Don’t irritate old people. The older they get, the less “life in prison” is a deterrent.
  • It’s weird being the same age as old people.
  • For those who love gardening: Plants are your soil mates.
  • The “Me Too” movement on college campuses: Any cheerleaders? Speaking of, aren’t they really cheer providers?
  • Some nicknames are better than others. Football analyst and ex-Buc Booger McFarland might agree.
  • Standards for congressional dress codes. OK. But what about Party-first, chaos-inducing behaviors?

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