• Ron DiSaster says that if elected president, he would consider Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for a position in his Administration—likely with the FDA or the CDC. In further campaign hustle, he is also reportedly considering Steve Bannon for Secretary of State, Jeanine Pirro for Attorney General, Sarah Palin for CIA Director, Alex Jones for Homeland Security Director and Marjorie Taylor Greene for Ambassador to the UN.
  • The governor has pledged to sign a nationwide Concealed Carry Bill. Some things you can’t conceal.
  • DiSaster rejected some $377 million in federal money for energy efficiency and electrification. To do otherwise, would be an acknowledgment of helpful Biden Administration priorities.
  • More book-banning demands from “Moms Against Puberty.”
  • Let kids be kids, especially if hey want to be props.”—A certain disingenuous governor.
  • “If you’re a professor in like, you know, Marxist studies, that’s not a loss for Florida.” That was Gov. DiSaster on, like, you know, reports of high faculty turnover at New College.
  • Walt Disney World’s governing district—now controlled by the governor’s minions—has abolished diversity, equity and inclusion programs. Could it get worse as we close in on the GOP’s 2024 nominee? Maybe a MAGA Kingdom?
  • “I don’t think (the state’s outsized reputation) is helpful for our economic development. Why would you come to a state where the governor and the Legislature preach and pass laws that are inherently spiteful.”—Former Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn.
  • “Florida has real challenges right now. Inflation is sky high, especially in South Florida, Farmers Insurance just withdrew from the state in the middle of hurricane season, and malaria is breaking out all over. It’s time for Ron DeSanctimonious to come home and deal with the problems he was elected to solve.”—Jason Miller, senior advisor to the Trump campaign.
  • Californification”: An increasingly familiar DiSaster trope in his back-and-forth with California Gov. Gavin Newsom.
  • It used to be a dark-humor joke: “This is the suicide hotline; please hold.” Now it’s more like bleak reality. Florida’s 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline calls go unanswered approximately 20 percent of the time.
  • Latinos accounted for 12 percent of Florida’s registered voters in 2008. In 2020, according to the Pew Research Center, it was 17 percent.
  • Black and Latino voters are five times more likely to register to vote through third-party groups, according to Daniel A. Smith, chairman of UF’s political science department.
  • Who knew there was an upside to slavery—such as skills learned while enslaved? Not all apprenticeship programs are the same.
  • The faltering DiSaster campaign laid off about 40 percent of its staff last month—or 38 team members.
  • It’s never a good sign when a presidential campaign—two months after its official announcement—hits the “reset” button. Rapidly descending poll numbers is usually the motivator. “Streamlining operations” is another DiSaster euphemism along with the ostensible plan to “embrace being the underdog.” Next strategic pitch: “I’m not indicted. Vote for me.”
  • “Of course (Trump) lost. … Joe Biden’s president.” Gov. DiSaster punching back.
  • Part of being a high-profile, political candidate are cartoon caricatures. Some are worse than others, including a dead-on Alfred E. Newman DuhSantis look.

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