DiSaster and Trumpster

Gov. Ron DiSaster’s ultimate challenge: How, as an official presidential candidate, do you hit back at your main rival, Donald Trump, without alienating his MAGA-movement minions? This constituency, especially, wants white-knuckle performance art, the sort that lashes out in their perceived populist-punk interest. But they don’t want their cult leader attacked by a GOPster. That’s what they expect from “libtards” and other socialist lefties. Talk about threading a needle.

So far, that means continuing his anti-”woke” agenda, including the subsidizing of immigrant flights to California and Massachusetts, and noting that the multi-count, indicted Trump has been “running to the left” or that the next president will need more than four years (that a lame duck Trump would be limited to) to really accomplish stuff.

So, Gov. DiSaster is mostly throwing jabs–not sucker punches–because he doesn’t want to insult and unfriend that always ready-to-smolder Trump base. So, no, he won’t be leading a “Lock him up” crusade. But he does want to “Make America Florida” and is playing the family card against Trump. Think Ozzie Nelson vs. Archie Bunker—even if it’s more like Murdoch vs. Manson. But, yeah, look for DiSaster to promise to pardon insurrectionists.

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