* “DeSantisLand”: Now spotted on T-shirts and flags by those backing DeSantis’ bullying of Disney. In short: Don’t say gay, no matter how Goofy that seems.

* Gov. Ron DeSantis says Disney’s lawsuit is political. Oh.

* U.S. Rep. Laurel Lee, the Brandon Republican, was the first Florida member of Congress to endorse DeSantis for president in 2024.

* Gov. DeSantis: “We want education and not indoctrination.” Who knew?

* Signs that underscore DeSantis’ strategy to separate himself from Trump: “Vote For DeSantis. He Doesn’t Assault Women.”

* Rolling Stone: “DeSantis brags about Florida budget that includes billions in federal funds he opposed.”

* “Politicians who are willing to break the law to get votes or applause are extremely dangerous to our nation.” Twice-elected–and then ousted–Hillsborough State Attorney Andrew Warren, a critic of Gov. DeSantis.

* “It’s all about the Ron DeSantis show. … It takes a toll on the culture of (the Legislature) and I’ve heard some lamenting of that.” State Representative Fentrice Driskell, of Tampa, the Democratic minority leader.

* “In the end, governor (DeSantis) … it’s not Jefferson or Madison or Patrick Henry you resemble. It’s King George III.” Charles B. Dew, Williams College history professor emeritus.

* Only two states don’t require a unanimous jury on death penalty cases. The other one is Alabama.

* Scott Atlas, a top adviser to Donald Trump, was named commencement speaker at New College. Steve Bannon was unavailable.

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