* “I know history will be kind to me, for I shall write it.”–Winston Churchill.

* “China will not provide weapons to relevant parties of the (Russia-Ukraine) conflict.”--Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang.

* “What we see is that President Putin went to war against Ukraine with a declared aim to get less NATO. He’s getting the exact opposite.”–NATO Secretary General Jen Stoltenberg, after Finland became NATO’s 31st member country.

* “The consequences of Ukraine in the European Union will be complicated, even explosive. But it will be politically impossible to reject it.”–Thomas Gomart, director of the French Institute of International Relations.

* “Why are so many Republicans soft on Russia and tough on China? China is an economic threat; Russia isn’t.”–Max Boot, Council on Foreign Relations.

* “Lending war equipment is a good deal like lending chewing gum. You don’t want it back.”–The late Republican Sen. Robert Taft.

* “I am willing to bear my share of the responsibility before history and before my fellow citizens. But past error is no excuse for its own perpetuation.”–Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, 1968, on the subject of Vietnam.

* “After focusing largely on electrification as a pathway to decarbonize transportation, many climate advocates are ready to lobby for less driving, period—not just less gas-powered driving.”–David Zipper, Mother Jones.

* “You want teachers to teach the basics? Then stop leaving the parenting to them. … How about a Parents’ Bill of Responsibilities?”–Petula Dvorak, WaPo.

* “I want to meet the moment.”–California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom, on his five-state—including Florida—anti-authoritarian tour.

* “Tampa has a bit more resiliency, and that’s because we’re still seeing this out-of-state migration coming to the area with higher incomes.”–Kristine Smale, executive vice president for Zonda, a real estate analytics company.

* “The MOSI site has been one of the county’s most underutilized assets. The economic development opportunities here really are endless.”–Hillsborough County Commission Chairman Ken Hagan.

* “It’s been the greatest honor of my life to lead this incredible university.”–University of Tampa President Ronald Vaughn, in announcing his retirement—after nearly 30 years—at the end of the 2023-24 school year.

* “I was no longer the right person to lead this City Council, because we differ fundamentally on how to spend money and on what the city’s priorities should be moving forward.”–Former Clearwater Mayor Frank Hibbard on his surprising resignation.

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