* According to the Anti-Defamation League’s annual audit, the number of antisemitic incidents increased 41.5 percent in Florida last year (to 269).

* Gov. Ron DeSantis is traveling to Israel this month to check a foreign-relations box. He’ll be delivering a speech at an event co-hosted by the Jerusalem Museum of Tolerance. How ironic.

* “Trump should fight Democrats, not lie about Gov. DeSantis.”–A DeSantis fund-raising ad.

* Come July 1, it will be official. “Florida Freedumb” will permit people to freely carry guns without a permit or any training. No surprise that hard-core, Second Amendment advocates have criticized the bill for not going even farther and allowing “open carry” freedumb.

* “(Health equity) is an imprecise term. It’s a term that really has grown to have more of a political meaning than a meaning related to health.”–That was Florida’s politically precise Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo.

* Approximately 30 percent of Florida seniors have receive an updated booster shot, the 5th lowest rate in the U.S—behind Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and Tennessee.

* A DeSantis administrative rule bans Chinese drones. But home-grown, sycophantic, GOP legislative drones remain very much in place.

* The recent NRA convention in Indianapolis was a forum for the usual blustery vows to defend the Second Amendment at all, yes all, costs. And, yes, Ron DeSantis was among the low-caliber presidential hopefuls in attendance.

* Don’t like kids as political props? Gov. DeSantis would not agree.

* “Infamous for locking the press out, denying access to state decision-making and concealing information, (DeSantis) now finds himself ill-prepared for a national media that he cannot shunt aside.”–Jennifer Rubin, WaPo.

* Updated Sunshine State David: A sling, a rock, a thong.

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