* Black history is embedded in American history. What is, and has long been, needed is the teaching of comprehensive, inclusive history that reflects racial realitynot race theory–from 1619 to 2023.

* Permitless carry of concealed guns? There’s no concealing this low-caliber, freedumb” agenda.

* Sobering reality check: Florida students are better protected against books than bullets.

* “I don’t think it says in the United States Constitution that you have training to carry a gun.” State Rep. Chuck Brennan, R-Macclenny.

* If DeSantis’ budget–the one that includes helping to fund the relocating of migrants around the country–holds, state spending will have increased by more than 25 percent since he took office.

* “Ready for Ron”: a federal political committee with an online petition to “draft DeSantis for president.”

* “Sorry, Ron, you’re number two.” That was New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu, in claiming that his state is ranked number 1 in “personal freedom.” Yes, Sununu has ambition, however a long, long shot, beyond New Hampshire.

* “The new racism is denying that racism exists.”–Among the signage at a Tallahassee protest rally over Gov. DeSantis’ policies.

* “Some Republicans warn that DeSantis could fizzle like (former Wisconsin Gov. Scott) Walker because of his charisma deficit. He’s awkward and standoffish.”–Jonah Goldberg, The Dispatch.

* “The biomedical security state”: The term applied by DeSantis to the federal government for favoring masks or COVID vaccine mandates.

* “An apparent pattern of politically and racially motivated attacks on higher education.”–The American Association of University Professors, in announcing its Florida investigation.

* What other changes could possibly be coming for Gnu College?

* Death penalty: Florida has the most death row exonerations of any state in the U.S.–with 30 people who were set to be executed later found to be wrongfully convicted. DeSantis: Jury unanimity for capital punishment isn’t needed; more often than not, the convicted suspect is really guilty. Close enough.

* If DeSantis were to really get his way, a 6-6 jury vote would probably suffice—if he gets the tie-breaker.

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