Media Matters

* Doonesbury” deserves—more than ever—to get off the comics page and on to the editorial page. No way does partisan political satire deserve context with “Pickles,” “Rubes,” “Zits” and “Blondie.”

* More from Prince Harry: Spare me.

* “Perhaps lack of thinking and intellectual depth in our politics is caused by instruments and websites that do the thinking for us. Where have all the intellectuals gone?”–Cal Thomas, Tribune Content Agency.

* “There’s something very seductive about being a television star.”–Donald Trump.

* Less secular sorts may disagree, but Tarpon Springs’ annual big-splash Epiphany celebration deserves something less than mega media attention, including Tampa Bay Times’ page one, above-the-fold coverage. If, indeed, there were a journalistic dawning, would that be an epiphany?

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