Trumpster Diving

* Signs remain manifest that Donald Trump is still the GOP candidate of choice for evangelicals. Apparently, hypocrisy is still not a sin.

* “The Electoral College. Didn’t they used to have a football team?”–Donald Trump.

* Angertainment”: Term used for viral Republican personas who appeal to the Trump base.

* A number of influential, equivocating GOPsters–including some who could be considered for a Trump-ticket–are considering presidential candidates not named Trump. Good luck in convincing Trump not to double down for a 2024 grievance-and-revenge tour. So, head’s up for a Trump-Greene, Trump-Gaetz, Trump-Ye or Trump-Walker ticket. Mike Pence will never have looked so good.

* “Stop The Steal”? Richard Nixon (John F. Kennedy) and Al Gore (George W. Bush) had better voter-count arguments in 1960 and 2000.

* A twice-impeached president who never received a majority of the popular vote and seditiously helped inspire and instigate an unconscionable insurrection will run for president yet again. Sounds like something that would happen in a sh*thole country.

* We’re all too familiar with the refrain that a healthy democracy requires both political parties to be fully committed to the rule of law. Remember when that didn’t need to be said?

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