* It’s not just supply-chain chaos and Russian-Ukrainian upshots that have heightened inflation, there’s also another related factor. If the price is still the same or only nominally higher, check for “shrinkflation.” That’s the new label for downsizing—from toilet paper and toothpaste to pizza, cereals and yogurt. Twenty percent fewer calories? No problem when you’re delivering 20 percent less of the product.

* Signs of the times: Dog parks have become increasingly popular. Dogs love them and the dynamics are self evident. Owners love them because a tired, satisfied dog is good for everybody. But not all owners are dog-park friendly when it comes to monitoring their dog—instead of their phones. That’s why there are signs like this one in Channelside’s Deputy John Kotfila Jr. Memorial Dog Park: “Your Dog’s Cute, But Its Poop Is Not. Please Clean Up.”

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