Foreign Affairs

* “America’s alliances in Europe and Asia keep us—and I would argue the world—strong and secure.”–President Joe Biden.

* Denazify” Ukraine. Even Putin’s spinmeisters should know better than to run that outrageous rhetoric out there. Zelenskyy’s Ukraine is manifestly not Hitler’s Germany.

* Now add Starbucks to the list of major corporate players exiting Russia. Predecessors include McDonald’s, Netflix and ExxonMobil.

* “To rob, replicate and replace.”–How former assistant attorney general John Demers, who headed the Justice Department’s National Security Division and served under both Presidents Trump and Biden, describes China’s strategy for achieving technological superiority.

* According to, Raul Castro is worth $100 million. How’s that for a career in egalitarian Cuban communism?

* The euro is nearly at a one-to-one exchange rate with the dollar.

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