* “What helps poor countries to grow is foreign investment. The United States must source products made in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador so that companies move their factories to those countries. This could be done by providing tax breaks on the sales of products made in the Northern Triangle; this would incentivize both American and foreign companies to invest in the Northern Triangle in order to claim the tax break and win market share in America.”–Noah Smith, Bloomberg.

* “How many enemies have we spawned trying to help Afghanistan?”–Maureen Dowd, New York Times.

* “We have communicated that there will be consequences if Mr. Navalny dies.”–U.S. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, in reference to jailed Russian opposition leader Alexi Navalny, now in a weeks-long hunger strike.

* If a mysterious virus suddenly started killing eight of our children every day, America would mobilize teams of doctors and public health officials. We would move heaven and earth until we found a way to protect our children. But not with gun violence.”–Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

* “We don’t have a lot of work to do to persuade the American people that U.S. infrastructure needs major improvement. The American people already know it.”–Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

* “The demographic reshuffling already underway will alter our culture, our politics and who has the reins of power. Much of the Republican agenda is fueled by a fear of this future.”–Michelle Norris, founding director of the Race Card Project.

* “The GOP’s path out of the wilderness may be a long one, but it will start in Florida. Republicans can’t win the Electoral College without the state.”–Jonah Goldberg, The Dispatch.

* “The trauma of Trumpism has taught the GOP elite that some compromise with base politics is inevitable, and right now Ron DeSantis seems like the safest version of that compromise—Trump-y when necessary, but not Trump-y all the time.”–Ross Douthat, New York Times.

* “Anguish cannot be allowed to translate into violence. But neither can it translate into silence.”–Leonard Pitts, Miami Herald, on responses to the killings of George Floyd and Daunte Wright.

* “Until the coronavirus disappears, the vaccine ‘passport’ is here to stay. It’s not personal. It’s not even political. It’s just business.”–Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times.

* “The government and the Fed are far more adept in staving off prolonged recessions than their predecessors.”–Yale economics professor Robert J. Shiller.

* “Broad, sweeping mandatory face-covering policies serve no remaining good at this point in our schools.”–Florida Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran.

* “With lots of people moving to the Sunshine State—that growth is really what drew us to the market.”–Megan Falconer, associate marketing manager for Central Florida and Tampa Bay for Compass Inc., a national real estate brokerage that is opening offices in Tampa and St. Petersburg.

* “We are going to build an eco-friendly outdoor ballpark to host games during the most beautiful time of the year in Florida.”–Rays President Brian Auld, in reiterating that the Rays still have plans to share the franchise with Montreal.

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