Dem Notes

* A recent CNN poll found that nearly a third of Americans–including 70 percent of GOPsters–said Joe Biden did not legitimately win enough votes to win the presidency. Sobering. They’re still out there, awaiting more Kool Aid from MAGA-a-Elba.

* “The ARP (American Rescue Plan) and other relief proposals have helped Kentuckians endure a very difficult period. But we cannot simply return to the pre-pandemic economy with its growing inequality and widespread insecurity.”–That was Jason Bailey, executive director of the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy, reminding fellow Kentuckians that their day-to-day existential interest is better addressed by a big government, populist economic approach—than by the polarizing, faux populism of corporate tax cuts, white grievance, anti-immigrant animus, a traitorous insurrection, a democracy-undermining, bigelection lie or media demonization.

* “President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan includes financial incentives to holdout states to finally expand Medicaid. Up to 4 million low-income Americans could get covered with cheap or free health care if their states took action.”–Laura Packard, The Nation.

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