Sports Shorts

* “Congratulations to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on their #SuperBowl victory—a team whose season was a story of resilience, reinvention and grit.”–President Joe Biden.

* “The hardest thing is to build a culture where people believe.” That was Bruce Arians, whose Bucs kept the faith from 7-5 to eight straight wins and a Super Bowl championship rout.

* “Got to give Todd credit, he got us today.”–Kansas City coach Andy Reid’s shout-out to Bucs’ defensive coordinator Todd Bowles.

* Let’s enjoy this Super Bowl high for as long as we can, because it won’t be as long as we want it to. We’ll soon see signs of a post-Super Bowl pandemic spike because of outsiders and local “Animal House” Covidiots. We’ll be hearing about how the Bucs will not be able to keep everybody because of free agency and salary-cap scenarios. We might even see a Tom Brady tweet that is a reminder that he might not have voted for Joe Biden. So, way to go, Bucs, you just doubled down on being another inspiration for “Champa!” Yeah. Moreover, 31-9!

* BTW, congrats to John Lynch for finally making it into the NFL’s Hall of Fame. A bruising, tough-guy safety, the former Buc was also a nice, classy person. You should be next, Ronde.

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