* As we know, most Republican senators weren’t moved enough by those scary Capitol videos to actually vote for impeachment conviction. Among them: Rick Scott, who looked down and fiddled with some maps, and Marco Rubio, who found various ways to divert his attention. No surprise, of course: They’ve both managed to look away from Trump reality.

* Any attempt to restrict or lock down Florida by the federal government would be an attack on our state done purely for political purposes.” That was Gov. Ron DeSantis, sounding like someone who has lost his Washington cult leader.

* Unless there’s a change, the state will be administering annual tests in math and English again this spring. Just like the old days: high-stakes tests in person, inside schools. But these are not yet the old days. It’s not risk–or anxiety–free, especially for students who have been “attending” classes from home since the pandemic started. No wonder the testing opt-out movement is growing. The bottom line: The pandemic will not be over by spring. Here’s hoping the state reconsiders and re-evaluates this test of educational and public-health common sense.

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