Dem Notes

* “I’ve said to the president-elect, ‘Reach out across the aisle. Try to work with the Republicans. But don’t let them stymie your program. You can’t allow the search for bipartisanship to ruin the mandate the American people gave you.’” That was Congressman Jim Clyburn, the House majority whip, who was a key catalyst in the Biden Democratic nomination.

* Daily press briefings. Remember them? They’re back. And White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is no Kayleigh McEnany, Sarah Huckabee Sanders or Sean Spicer.

* If not now, when? How much longer will we tolerate this anachronistic Electoral College, without which there would never have been even one Trump presidency? As has been well-noted, although Trump lost by about 7 million votes in November, if roughly 40,000 votes had switched in key states, he would have won again—after having lost the popular vote in 2016.

* “What we need to do now is, in very bold and clear ways, make people understand government is directly improving their lives.”–Sen. Bernie Sanders, whose vision would be more viable were it not for the Republican misrepresentation and demonization of “socialism.”

* “Change has come to America.” That was Barack Obama in 2008. Beyond ironic and sad.

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