* “He’s anathema to most E.U. politicians, who see him as personally to blame for Brexit.”–Center for European Reform Director Charles Grant, in reference to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

* “Most European countries are doing their best with government messaging, restrictions on hospitality and indoor house visits, testing, tracing, soft-touch border restrictions and face coverings, whereas the U.S. looks like a free-for-all.”–University of Edinburgh professor of global health Devi Sridhar.

* “If the status quo continues, students of color stand to lose 11 to 12 months of learning.”–McKinsey & Company report.

* “With the casting of a majority of the Electoral College votes on Monday for Mr. Biden, and then his inauguration, we will make a start in restoring America as the country best positioned to lead the world’s struggle to solve the climate crisis.”–Former Vice President Al Gore.

* “The Constitution itself places no limit on the president’s authority to act on matters which concern him or his own conduct.”–Attorney General William Barr.

* “Trump has no incentive to stop his efforts to overturn a valid election. To the contrary, with blowhards like Ted Cruz available to provide a patina of respectability, and nearly all elected Republicans refusing to recognize the election results, he has every reason to hit up his fans for more donations and to continue insisting he is the rightful winner.”–Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post.

* “I want to be clear: The Supreme Court is not the deep state. The (Texas-initiated, election-results) case had no merit and was dispatched 9-0. There was no win here.”–Illinois Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger.

* “The Republicans behaving radically are doing so in the knowledge–or at least the strong assumption–that their behavior is performative, an act of storytelling rather than lawmaking, a posture rather than a political act.”–Ross Douthat, New York Times.

* “Unless (Trump) changes course and follows the Richard Nixon (concession) precedent, he probably will take on a label of ‘sore loser’ that will follow him, and remove any possibility of a further political career.”–Political author T.R. Reid.

* “It is the Republican Party that disproportionately represents a multiethnic, non-college-educated working class.”–Josh Hammer, Newsweek.

* “Trump’s 2016 coalition was a minority coalition in terms of the popular vote, but it was almost perfectly distributed to take the Electoral College. Going forward, the demographics of the electorate are moving in the wrong direction for the GOP.”–Jonah Goldberg, Tribune Content Agency.

* “Let it go. The election is over.”–Jeb Bush.

* “With every deep state conspiracy and illegitimate claims of fraud, our democracy sinks deeper and deeper into divisiveness.”–Pasco County Elections Supervisor Brian Corley.

* “I’m not arguing. I’m just explaining why I was right.”–T-shirt philosopher.

* “The 2020 (hurricane) season (June 1 to Nov. 30) was the busiest on record, and I’ve urged the federal government to lengthen the season to better capture the increase in activity.”–Florida Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy.

* “I think the history-making nature of this appointment, combined with his 41-year career in the military, makes him the perfect choice for this.”–Former Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn, on President-elect Biden’s choice of retired Army Gen. Lloyd Austin III, the former commander of the U.S. Central Command at MacDill AFB, as secretary of defense. Austin, the first black commander of Central Command, would also be the first black defense secretary.

* “We believe this (Tampa-hosted) Super Bowl 55 will be one of the most unifying, memorable and meaningful Super Bowls in our history.”–NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

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