Sports Shorts

* “There’s no plan B right now.” That was the response of Tampa Bay Rays principal owner Stuart Sternberg to the question of what the Rays will do if the split-cities, Montreal option doesn’t work out.

* Nashville: Whatever the timing, it’s still a prime candidate for MLB expansion or relocation.

* Gator fans—and anyone else watching that fog-shrouded UF-LSU game—were blindsided by a late call that cost the Gators a shocking, 37-34 upset loss. When Marco Wilson tauntingly tossed an LSU player’s shoe about 20 yards downfield, he was called for “unsportsmanlike conduct” and instead of a punt with less than 2 minutes to go, LSU got a fresh series of downs and drove to a winning field goal. The penalty was stupid and classless—and not an acceptable version of “celebration.”Worse yet, UF now faces top-ranked Alabama for the SEC championship. Two weeks ago Alabama destroyed LSU 55-17. And none of this–absent a stunning win over the Crimson Tide–helps Kyle Trask’s Heisman chances.

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