Media Matters

* Digital news site Axios recently announced plans to expand into local markets with a daily (morning) newsletter. “There is an audience—and real revenue—in cities,” noted Axios co-founder Jim VandeHei. As a result, there is now Axios-Tampa Bay. Ben Montgomery, author and former enterprise reporter for the Tampa Bay Times, will be the sole writer of five (roughly 300-word) stories a day–from business to education to health care to sports–culled from local media. It’s called “smart brevity,” says Montgomery, or helping readers “to connect the dots” and “know what you need to know.” So, thanks to Axios, presumably, no more unconnected media dots in this market. Other national markets that will also be debuting Axios newsletters: Denver, Minneapolis and Des Moines.

*Wi-Fi friendly: “The intent of these is to have wayfinding and messaging, and they can all be customized immediately.”–Shaun Drinkard, senior director of public programming and operations for the Tampa Downtown Partnership, whichis helping install 30 free digital touchscreen information kiosks around Tampa in 2021.

* “Soon the (Trump coverage) party needs to end. The news media needs to go cold turkey on Trump.”–Margaret Sullivan, Washington Post. Indeed. To the extent possible, the media should try to undo some of the damage done by all the free publicity provided to an obviously unhinged, uninformed, reality-TV celebrity.

* Merry Christmas, everybody. Thank you for your readership.

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