Dem Notes

“Yes, we can.”

  • One challenge for the Biden campaign is to remain careful with its response to Trump being hospitalized for COVID. No rhetorical spiking of the coronavirus ball; no public “poetic justice” references, however appropriate and tempting. Maybe this is the one time that the sincerity-challenged, “thoughts and prayers” cliché would suffice. Good move to take down negative campaign ads for now—and just maintain the country-first, anti-racism, pro-science, positive message of unity, competence, decency and empathy—plus education, infrastructure and tax-and-health-care policies and plans. No need to risk disrespecting the office of the presidency, however loathsome its occupant, when sheer juxtaposition to a Biden agenda–and character–should say it all.   
  • Although it’s quite the high-profile compliment, we won’t be seeing it in a Joe Biden ad—but maybe in a Biden memoir. That’s because the person who once called Biden “as good a man as God ever created” is Sen. Lindsey Graham.
  • The vice presidential debate in Salt Lake City between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris carried a context we haven’t seen before. Their presidential ticket mates are both septuagenarians. Not a time for a Dan Quayle or a Sarah Palin.
  • We know that the Republicans are not conceding the Hispanic vote—and are going after more than Cuban-American voters. Trump kickstarted it by telling voters that “Joe Biden is just a Trojan horse for socialism,” which was intended to strike fear in those whose families have lived under the likes of Cuba’s Fidel Castro as well as Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro. Hopefully, the blatant pandering will encounter a demographic that above all, fears all authoritarians—and understands that American “socialism” doesn’t mean a dysfunctional command economy controlled by autocrats and oligarchs. That there’s a difference between Denmark and Cuba/Venezuela.
  • Dec. 14: That’s when the electoral college meets. It’s usually a ceremonial confirmation of the choice made by voters. Nothing about this Dec. 14 looks merely ceremonial.

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