Trumpster Diving

“A Republic, if you can keep it.”

  • White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany: “The president has never lied to the American public.” Isn’t that a hoax?
  • “Keep calm and carry on” is associated with Winston Churchill’s iconic leadership during the World War II German bombing of England. It has now been blasphemously inserted into the opportunistic Trump playbook. “That’s what I did,” claimed the revisionist-in-chief at a cult rally. Kayleigh McEnany, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson and Lou Dobbs would agree.
  • Richard Nixon and Al Gore, however different in blatantly obvious ways, share an experience that should remain a democratic rule-of-thumb. After losing closely contested–and understandably controversial–races for the presidency, they both ultimately decided it was better to stand down and accept the results–rather than pursue a course that would likely tear the country apart. That was then. This is not.
  • “Your Excellency.” That’s how Trump was addressed in correspondence by North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un—not by Attorney General William Barr.
  • “Yesper.” How Trump recently referenced his(third) Defense Secretary Mark Esper, who he ironically wishes were much more of an actual “yes man.” Look for Esper, who wasn’t on board with federalizing troops over civil unrest but was on board with renaming military installations–to be replaced soon after the election, if not sooner.
  • Donald Trump and his campaign have made it a priority to demean Joe Biden’s health—as in “somebody who truly has lost a step.” Heads up on the pushback step. That self-serving campaign assertion only pales in comparison to an unscrupulous, uninformed, ill-advised, under-performing, overweight, unhinged, pathologically compromised, climate change-denying incumbent who has lost whatever remnant remained of a moral compass.
  • “As I’ve been saying since the beginning, Trump was a mobster, plain and simple.” That was Michael Cohen, former personal lawyer and erstwhile “fixer” for Donald Trump. “As a rule, Trump expressed low opinions of all black folks, from music to culture and politics.” Another unflattering Cohen quote from his book, “Disloyal: A Memoir.”
  • “Michael Cohen is a disgraced felon and disbarred lawyer who lied to Congress. He has lost all credibility, and it’s unsurprising to see his latest attempt to profit off of lies.” That was dismissive White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, who’s familiar with Trump-agenda prevarication and using a Trump-provided forum for career enhancement.
  • Speaking of publication profiting, Sarah Huckabee Sanders now has a book out, “Speaking for Myself.” While she was an annoying, enabling avatar of fealty who was regularly parodied on “Saturday Night Live,” she will be best remembered for being the first WH press secretary to receive Secret Service protection. Well earned.
  • For what it’s worth, including to formerly conservative Republicans, the U.S. national debt$26 trillion–is now greater than GDP. Tea Party on, GOPsters.
  • It’s not just Vlad Putin who’s consumed with the American election from afar. It’s no secret that NATO allies fear the worst if Trump is re-elected, and the U.S. makes good on his Putin-pleasing threat to exit the 71-year-old alliance. It would mean a seismic shift away from America’s role as a leader and protector of the continent. 
  • Ignoble Prize. Trump engaged in another celebratory, tweet storm over his nomination for the Noble Peace Prize. True, but context still matters outside the White House. First of all, any national lawmaker can nominate anyone for the Nobel Peace Prize. To date, there are more than 300 candidates put forward for the 2020 Prize. Trump’s nomination was by a far-right Norwegian politician for his brokered deal between Israel and the UAE. For the record, Adolph Hitler was also nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize–in 1939–by a notably sardonic, anti-fascist member of the Swedish parliament.
  • As a cost-cutting measure, the Trump campaign decided not to spend $3 million for a NASCAR car featuring Trump’s name. Pennzoil never looked so classy.
  • So Sen. Ted Cruz makes Trump’s Supreme Court short list. It’s called pandering to a former rival’s ego and base—while hoping nobody still cares about Trump insulting Cruz’s wife and alleging that his father was somehow involved in the Kennedy assassination. Another day at the orifice.
  • Trump Time Machine: “Didn’t need no welfare state … Girls were girls and men were men. … I don’t know just what went wrong. Those were the days.” That was from “All in the Family” that debuted in 1971. And, yes, the Bunker is back.

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