* The herd immunity threshold for COVID may differ from place to place, but on average, experts say, it will require at least 60 percent immunity in the population.

* 13.2 million: the projected TIA passenger count this year–down 40 percent from last year’s record 23.3 million.

* 55 percent: The percentage of its U.S. routes that American Airlines will be flying in July. In May it was 20 percent.

* Social distancing and protesting: the new oxymoronic normal.

* 172: the number of Tampa residents hospitalized for COVID last week–and the week before. Of those 172, 38 were being treated in intensive care units.

* County contrast, as of last Friday: Hillsborough–2,554 coronavirus cases, 91 deaths. Miami-Dade: 19,056 cases, 771 deaths.

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