“America First” Update

“A Republic, if you can keep it.”

* Trump’s demographic appeal skews older. The same demographic most vulnerable to COVID-19. How can elderly voters be anything but turned off–if not flat-out scared–by what they continue to see and hear at the presidential podium? Let alone what preceded the pandemic.

* “I will always put the well-being of America first.” Imagine what it would look like if that were not Trump’s foremost priority.

* So who is now the public face of HHS during a pandemic? It’s Michael Caputo, who has no background in health care. What the new assistant secretary for public affairs does have, however, is a track record of Trump fealty. Caputo wrote a book and produced a documentary, “The Ukraine Hoax,” during the impeachment process.

* “COVID-19 isn’t ‘shifty Schiff.'” That criticism of Trump’s briefings’ behavior, which features bluster, invective, insults and misleading information, didn’t come from the “lame stream media,” unless the LSM now includes the less-than-liberal Wall Street Journal.

* “You’re going to call your own shots. We’re going to be standing alongside of you.” That was Donald Trump in a conference call to governors, sounding like the vacillator-in-chief who had earlier claimed absolute authority to determine how and when states reopen. Stay tuned, as always.

* It’s 2020 and Wisconsin has a (de facto) poll tax. Call it the price Wisconsin voters paid recently in the form of fear, anxiety and physical well-being because of in-person voting. It’s the unconscionable upshot imposed by conservative Republicans on the courts and in the State Legislature. Being the  “Badger State” shouldn’t mean badgering democracy and enabling gerrymandering.

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