Dem Notes

* Cory Booker hasn’t qualified for upcoming debates, but he still has, ironically, a forum that some of his rivals don’t. He’ll be part of the Senate’s impeachment jury. No, it’s not the same as sharing the candidate stage with your competition, but it’s a reminder that he remains a player in this beyond-bizarre, multi-faceted process. And Booker, as we’ve seen, is not reluctant to take advantage of such an opportunity.

* “This is about making markets work.”–That was Elizabeth Warren recently in a pragmatic pivot to get some separation from Bernie Sanders, the democratic socialist who is closest to her on the progressive spectrum. Hard-core Democrat Warren has ardent supporters; the politically ambiguous Sanders has a rabid, zero-sum fan base and the endorsement of media-courting Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York. Separation isn’t that hard.

* Sanders remains the elephant in the room. He will not be the nominee, but not unlike 2016, enough of his “Bernie or Bust” zealots could sit out the election and help enable Trump to triumph AGAIN. America loses when stubborn ideals morph into stupid self-destruction. Maybe Larry David can hit the hustings and help make the case for what’s at stake if we’re saddled with another four years of this un-democratic, non-Democrat alternative.

* “No Malarkey”: Joe Biden’s campaign bus.

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