Faustian Deals

“Regardless of party, leader or political epoch, it’s always country and conscience first.” Would that this were the consensus definition of “American exceptionalism.”

But American politics–even, inexplicably, during this autocratic, pedagogic Trump reign–retains an identity that falls far short of anything remotely idealistic. The most recent Exhibit A: Former Democratic Rep. Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey. As a moderate Dem in a district that supported Trump in 2016, he just couldn’t vote for impeachment. But he surely could defend the indefensible. Now he’s a GOPster–with party and presidential fealty–and even has video of his Oval Office thank-you visit to help him in next year’s Republican primary campaign.

That should be indefensible. It’s not about “witch hunting” and “hate.” It’s about duty and a really, really serious oath of office. But, yes, you can hate a perverted process that you don’t enable.

And, BTW, for those GOPsters who see non-fealty to Trump as a career game-changer: So what? There’s always lobbying, media analysis, a book deal, ambulance-chasing or simply the respect and gratitude of patriotic Americans looking to prevent the American Devolution.

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