Silence Speaks Volumes

POLITIFACT’s choice for “Silence of the Year” is Hunter Biden. Well chosen. Here’s how he should have broken that silence, a break we’ll never see. “Upon reflection–and I should have reflected a helluva lot sooner–serving on that Burisma board was beyond inappropriate; it was blatantly self-serving. I was born on third base, thanks to my dad, and I kept thinking I had hit a triple. There’s ample precedent, as we all know.

“What I did by taking hefty compensation for doing little beyond lending my high-profile family name to a Ukrainian energy-company board was to insert myself into a geopolitical hotspot that put the United States and lot of people of earned authority and power in an awkward position, to say the least. Yeah, while I did nothing criminal, I regret the whole thing and now wish those who mattered most had said–in effect–‘WTF! The sheer ethics–and the political optics–are awful! You’re not THIS entitled.’

“And, yeah, one more thing. How ironic that I became Kid Pro Quo, the catalyst for Trump calling President Zelenskiy to get dirt on my dad. Absent that, there’s no formal impeachment. I shouldn’t be this important.

“And, oh yeah, one other thing. If my father is the nominee and the president brings this up in a debate, my dad will remind, as only he can, the electorate of the self-aggrandizing and influence peddling–including within the White House–that this president’s kids continue to traffic in.”

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