Sports Shorts

* “Everybody uses the word ‘resilient,’ and that’s great. But we’re also very good.”–Rays manager Kevin Cash. True. The Rays took Houston, the team with the best record in MLB, to an ALDS fifth game. By the way, the Rays were 6-6 against the Astros for the year. 

* Shout out to Auden Tate, a graduate of Wharton High, for putting up impressive numbers–five catches for 91 yards–for the Cincinnati Bengals last Sunday.

* Here’s what we (still) know about Bucs quarterback Jameis Winston. Having a Heisman Trophy (see Tim Tebow and Johnny Manziel), being an overall number one draft pick and signing a big contract guarantee nothing but expectations. Winston is a legitimate NFL QB, but not a winner and definitely not a franchise QB. If in your fifth year, you are still a work in progress, then that’s your identity: disappointing underachiever that the team ultimately can’t count on.

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