Media Matters

* The White House Correspondents’ Dinner is not what it used to be. For now, that’s an upgrade–especially after last year’s cringe-worthy “performance” by comedian Michelle Wolf that should have embarrassed both journalists and Democrats. The scaled-down event is now sans keynote comedian–as well as incumbent president–and is no longer enthralled with red-carpet celebrities. It highlights and prioritizes journalism in a society that has never needed it more. And replacing a comedian with historian-and-author Ron Chernow was a decided plus. “We are all Team USA,” underscored the ‘Alexander Hamilton’ author, “not members of enemy camps.” Amen.

And sometimes, of course, you add by subtracting. Donald Trump doesn’t deign to show up for the WHCD now that he’s president and not merely a pop culture celeb. How ironic for a “tough guy” who doesn’t back down and gives as good as he gets–but not in the interests of egalitarian humor. That’s because narcissists don’t laugh at themselves; they mock others and provide an inviting target.

* According to the Washington Post, Trump has made more than 10,000 false or misleading claims since he took office. For those scoring at home, that’s about 26 claims per day. But then again, you know WaPo; they always round up.

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